2021 Mid-Year Psychiatrist Shortage Update

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2021 Mid-Year Psychiatrist Shortage Update

Most FQHCs know there’s a psychiatrist shortage. Certainly, healthcare recruiting teams are aware of the phenomenon. This is a huge problem for patient populations already struggling with continuing stresses related to COVID-19. One in five U.S. adults has a mental health or substance abuse issue. The psychiatrist professional shortages have created a huge concern in the healthcare community. As we reach the mid-point of the year, what does the hiring landscape look like for these mental health professionals?


Update on Compensation Trends Affecting FQHCs

The global pandemic changed how we feel about work, our work models, and even what we value. All industries felt the impact of these changes, but most especially healthcare. What trends are shaping healthcare compensation today, and how will it impact your future?


What to Do If Malpractice Occurs at Your FQHC?

Even one medical malpractice lawsuit is bad for your business and your mission. As a federally funded provider, your facility is governed by the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). More than 1,100 community health facilities are operating at 8,500 sites around the U.S. Together, these important healthcare organizations provide care to 29 million at-risk and low-income patients in medically underserved areas around the country. What are the rules when malpractice occurs at these facilities?


How to Avoid Discrimination in Your FQHC Hiring

In some ways, accidental discrimination in hiring is just as painful as if it were deliberate. Both irreparably harm the relationship you had with the candidate (or didn’t have) as well as disrupting staff morale, your organizational reputation, and potentially your bottom line. Even appearing to be discriminatory is bad for your organization, so here are some reminders for how to avoid discrimination in your FQHC hiring practices.


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