Should Cost of Living Impact My Physician Compensation?

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Should Cost of Living Impact My Physician Compensation?

When it comes to physician compensation, there is a correlation between the cost of living and salary expectations. The goal is to create a comp plan that takes into account the value of the compensation in light of the location in which you serve. This article will look at the various factors that physicians and healthcare facilities should consider when looking at cost of living in relation to physician compensation.


How Much Influence Should Culture Fit Be on Your Hiring Decisions?

In any organization, culture is critical to its success. Culture matters because a positive work environment can help reduce some of the stress that healthcare workers experience. But for healthcare workers, how much weight should they place on the environment they will work in? How should culture affect your hiring decision? Our answer: Culture matters more than you might think.


Offer Employment and Seal the Deal Quickly with These Hiring Tips

Hiring and changing jobs can be particularly stressful in the healthcare field. Every hiring team is well aware of the shortages of key providers they’re facing. Once a candidate has moved through sourcing, interviews, and reference checks, it’s finally time to extend an offer. Here’s how to “close the deal,” with a conditional offer of employment.


Are You Planning for Your Executives Retirement? How to Ensure You're Always Well-Staffed.

Planning for the retirement of your CEO’s, C-Suite members, Clinical Leaders and Providers is critical to ensure service delivery in your clinic, no matter its size. According to the numbers, two of every five of the physicians on staff are near or ready to retire and a third of the CEO’s are retiring in the next few years. This article will help you plan for the inevitable loss of some of your most seasoned veteran associates.


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