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5 Ways You Can Contribute to Leadership Pay Equity

Women still earn 81 cents for every dollar a man earns. For women of color, the gap is larger; Black women are paid 61 cents and Latinas are paid 53 cents. In healthcare, like all industries, this is a real and persistent problem all the way up to the leadership level.

What can healthcare organizations do right now to correct these mistakes?


Do I Really Need an Effective Resume or CV as a Provider?

The fact that the American Medical Association (AMA) devotes a page on their website to how doctors or other clinical providers can create a “standout CV” is a pretty good sign that you need one. Yet clinical providers often ask our staffing teams if they even need a resume or CV once they’ve graduated. The answer is always that it’s better to have one. But what makes the “effective” part of an effective resume or CV? What can a good CV do for your career?


Best Practices for Recruiting a Candidate Who Will Have to Relocate

The healthcare industry is facing widespread staffing gaps—and it didn’t even take the pressure of COVID-19 to create them. Long before the coronavirus pandemic, we had been anticipating 45,000 too few primary care providers and another 46,000 specialists, along with everything from home healthcare workers to nurses in the next decade. This means recruiting and hiring teams will need to pull out all the stops in the coming years to find the best candidates.


How Much Does Employee Turnover Really Cost You?

Healthcare organizations have long been at the top of employee turnover lists. It’s a huge, costly problem. Dailypay says, “Since 2013, the average hospital turned over 85.2% of its workforce.” Becker’s Hospital Review points out that healthcare has the second-worst turnover rate of all industries except for hospitality. This creates a huge financial drain on healthcare providers as they constantly source and train new workers.


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